• What is your refund/return policy?

For Refund Policy, Click Here                                          

  • What payment methods do you accept?

For Pakistan, We accept payments via Debit/Credit Card, JazzCash Wallet, and COD (cash on delivery).

For Rest of the World, Credit/Debit Card powered by Visa and Mastercard and Payoneer Card.

  • Can I get help over the phone/SMS?

Help! Why Not, Contact details.

Landline: 042-34004584

Whatsapp: +92 308 80100998

  • I need to cancel my order, what do I need to do?

As you change your mind, send us an email at (hello@fanstore.pk) with the order confirmation number ASAP. If the order has not shipped yet, we can cancel an order for a full refund.

If the order has shipped, we can only offer a refund of the item(s) minus shipping and handling.

  • I received the wrong item in the mail, what can I do?

Email us ASAP on noticing the wrong item. Let us know the original order confirmation number, what item you expected to receive, and describe or send pictures of the wrong item in email and we will resolve it on as soon as possible. 

We will reship the correct item free of cost. If you do not want to keep the wrong item we delivered earlier than there is no need for sending it back to us. Donate it to charity or give to a friend who may need it!

  • I ordered the wrong size/color/item by mistake! Can I return it?

We are able to change an order before it ships by canceling the current order and having you place a new one for the correct item, so if you catch a mistake in an order before you receive the shipment notification email/phone call, then we can cancel the current order.

However, once the order ships we can only offer a refund of the wrong item minus shipping and handling, and then you can place a new order for the correct one.

We cannot accept returns of merchandise for exchanges, so instead, we like to encourage the donation of items that are not wanted to charity. This way, it saves you from paying for the return shipment, and if you have a friend that likes the same creator, or a preferred charity organization, they would probably be happy to receive it!

  • Seems like my order is lost in shipping/It is taking ages to arrive! Where is it?

If you feel like your order is taking too long to get to you, don't worry! Our replacement policy covers lost packages, so you will always have the option to have your order reshipped or refunded.

For replacements to be sent in the case of a lost package, we will need the shipping address re-confirmed so we know there were no issues in the address that would cause the package to be returned or not delivered.

  • How do I get a replacement or refund for a damaged item I received?

Email us at (hello@fanstore.pk) and describe the kind of damage that the item has incurred or sent in pictures via email or message at any social media platform we are available. Help us in assessing whether the damage was because of the delivery process, or if it was a manufacturing defect that slipped through our quality control. Do mention order and delivery details. 

Once we receive your email, a replacement request will be set up within 24-48 hours. 

From there, the replacement request enters a queue, and the shipment of the replacement can take up to 5 business days. 

The replacement order will set up manually and you might not receive notification on every point as you were receiving a new order.

If the damaged product was limited edition or no longer available for sale than we can only offer a full refund.

  • Can I pick a different color?I wear a size ____. Can I have apparel made for me? Can you print my design? Can I have your design printed on ____ [product name which we are not offering now]? 

The sizes and cuts we offer for our apparel come straight from the manufacturers, so the range is based on what they have available for us to utilize. We understand the need for smaller or larger sizes sometimes, but we are unable to accommodate specific requests for certain sizes or cuts. We will take care of it for next time if you send us your preferences at hello@fanstore.pk.

All of our merchandise is ordered in advance in cooperation with the creators and their visions, and shirts are printed off-site based on the work order, so we cannot alter a design/print a design on a different color base.

But we can offer the same design on a product if we are offering that product for now.

  • I have ideas for shirt/poster/etc designs! How can I submit them/get them printed?

We're always on the lookout for great designs for new shirts and posters! We would be happy to support upcoming aspiring designers, you can email us at (creators@fanstore.pk). If we are interested, we'll contact you!

  • I am a YouTuber/know a YouTuber. How do I/they get signed to FANSTORE?

FANSTORE is always on the lookout for an upcoming aspiring content creator to support them. Email us at creators@fanstore.pk and we will be happy to support you/him(them) in any shape or form.

  •  Can I buy something at the physical location?

There are no retail locations where you can purchase official FANSTORE merchandise.

  • I need to change my shipping address!

To change a shipping address, email at hello@fanstore.pk as soon as you realize the error or let us know on confirmation call.

If you realized the error after confirmation call and if the product is shipped out then we can offer refund minus shipping and handling cost. 

  • Do you ship to my country/school/small town/etc?

If you have an address, we ship it!

  • How much does shipping cost? 

We charge flat rates for domestic shipping and might be free if buy in promotions period where it will be clearly mentioned that shipment is Free!


We tried our best to answer FAQs if still anything you want to know, feel free to leave a message and we will get back to you right away.